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What if you could become a powerful manifestor in just 8 weeks?


LOA Skills Camp

Inside LOA Skills Camp, you’ll get everything you need to become a powerful manifestor so that you can attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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It's time to be the best version of

LOA Skills Camp might be perfect for you if...

Good news!

I help my clients with these same challenges every single day.

And if you’re like any of them, you’ve probably made some of the same mistakes.

Mistakes like…

"Trying to feel good too soon"

TRUTH: What you are feeling is important and you don't need to rush to change. Trying = ResistanceInside Skills Camp, I help my students shift smoothly using the SCALE Up Method–so you can know exactly how to focus.

"Doing ALL the manifesting things"

More action DOES NOT EQUAL more results in manifesting. Leveraging the Law of Attraction is all about alignment and alignment is a vibrational experience.

"Trying to control conditions"

SPOILER ALERT: You can't! The good news? We have 100% control over the vibration we are putting out, and it is our vibration that the universe is responding too.


There was a way to manifest more of everything you want, in less than 8 weeks…

You could finally feel the reality of your dreams…

You could wake up relaxed and excited for your day…

You could have the freedom to choose what YOU really want…

You could have your weeks naturally flow with ease…

All of that's possible inside

Join today, doors are closing soon!

Who is this right for?

Freedom Chasers

Have you daydreamed about winning the lottery and traveling the world? Well that kind of freedom really can be your reality–and you have all the power within you to create it (you likely just haven’t been taught how to leverage that power).

It’s exactly what I guide you through inside LOA Skills Camp. 


“What you seek is seeking you”–Rumi If you are ready to meet your soul mate, they are seeking you too–the thing is…are you a vibrational match to your own soul?

In LOA Skills Camp, you step by step, train and shift your vibration to be in alignment with your true inner self–and watch as all of your relationhips transform around you.

Spiritual Seekers

You’ve been feeling the pull to more…there’s that next level calling you, you might not even be sure what it is, but you know there is more for you, you can feel it.

LOA Skills Camp is all about guiding you to connect with that deepest part of you. You’ll find yourself resonating more deeply with everything around you, yourself, your relationships, nature…life.

This is for you IF:

This is not for you IF:

Hi, I'm Ginny Gane

Have you ever heard the quote from Thomas Jefferson “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done?” Well I am going to say, if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to BE someone you’ve never been.

We live in a vibrational universe, the law of attraction is responding to your vibration and to get that dream life, you must become the vibrational version of the woman living that life. It is all about the inner work. Anyone can do this. If you are willing and ready, I can guide you.
Start dreaming…and see you in Skills Camp!


I Created LOA Skills Camp because...

It’s my desire for anyone who is asking… to know their true value and their innate power to create any kind of life experince they choose. That we don’t have to be confined by the shoulds and limitations of society but that we are here to honour and express what is uniquely within each of us–that, that is what living a fulfilling life is about.

I also believe empowered invidiauls create an empowered consious whole, and the way to uplift the world starts within each individual. Being the change we wish to see in the world.

One of the best investments I’ve made is working with Ginny. Under her guidance, I am joyfully building a business I love. I would recommend working with Ginny to anyone who feels they were meant to live a life in alignment with their true purpose – but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Ginny will lovingly guide you right there. "

When I joined Skills Camp, the main thing I wanted to improve was my love life, and now I'm in an awesome relationship! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I could improve other areas of my life that I didn't even consider before, especially work.
My life just feels so much brighter, more magical, and exciting now than when I started - also everything seems to work out perfectly for me..

So what's inside?

Module # 1 - Warm Up

Developing Your Awareness

Module #2 - Stretch

Releasing Vibrational Resistance

Module # 3 - Condition

Clarifying Your Vision

Module # 4 - Strengthen

Building Vibrational Momentum

Module # 5 - Play

Stepping into Beingness

Join today, doors are closing Thursday Sept 22nd at 11:59pmEST!

So my transformation: "from disempowered to empowered, from blame to ownership over myself and my experience, from chance to choice, from hoping to belief. I broke through another level of self-love that meant I was ready to step into that future self.
I changed the way I speak, the way I think, the way I respond. I changed my entire relationship to the people in my life and their influence over me."

I was trying to grow my manifesting and I wasn’t seeing the sort of results on my own. In LOA Skills Camp, I learned how to uncover what I truly wanted and things really began lining up for me in such a fun and clear way.
Investing in Skills Camp has simply changed my life in an amazing way - I have a brand new pathway I am creating with more confidence, excitement and fun than I ever thought possible..


LOA Skills Camp Community

Online daily coaching, feedback, support ($3,000 value)

Alignment First Framework

5 Simple Skills to help you find alignment with ANYthing ($2,000 value)

LIVE Coaching

8 LIVE Group Coaching with Ginny + 4 one on one calls (30min) with a Skills Camp Coach ($4,600 value)

Releasing Resistance Rubric

This magical 7-step fill in the blank formula will shift your vibe instantly! ($400 value)

Answers Made Easy

Worksheets, checklists + ALL digital lessons and coaching keyword searchable - easily find answers to anything! ($400 value)

Design Your Life Through Scripting

Guidelines for mastering the art of scripting as your manifesting tool ($350 value)

The Calibration Code

Proprietary method for unconditionally tuning into any emotion you want to activate ($400 value)

Meditation the LOA Way

Video training to create your own personally aligned meditation practice ($150 value)

The Scale Up Method

General or specific? This strategy gives you all the in's and out's, when's and why's of how specific to focus to get the quickest results ($250 value)

A TOTAL VALUE of $11,550!


Last Chance the year
$ 1111 Lifetime Access
  • My Proven 5-Step Framework
  • Weekly video lessons
  • 4 x 30 min Private Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Coaching with Ginny
  • Daily/Weekly assignments + Feedback
  • Access to online private community
  • Daily online support from LOA Skills Coaches
24 hrs ONLY


Limited spots avaialble
$ 399 3x monthly payments
  • My Proven 5-Step Framework
  • Weekly video lessons
  • 4 x 30 min Private Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Coaching with Ginny
  • Daily/Weekly assignments + Feedback
  • Access to online private community
  • Daily online support from LOA Skills Coaches

Get started today for just


Join today, doors are closing soon!

I manifested SO much.

I knew about the Law of Attraction. I’d read about it, studied it. I was able to manifest some things, but I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be. In LOA Skills Camp I manifested a new job, opportunities to purchase a car, to move out and to have my own studio space. I manifested opportunities to exhibit my work and more clients to sell my work to, I was able to expand my jewellery business AND it happened so quickly!

- Ashley

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Ginny Changed My Life

I started listening to Ginny’s Podcast, Manifest it Now and decided I wanted a professional coach. After the first call I had with Ginny, I knew she was the one. It was a definite “Hell yes” experience. She’s as expert on this topic as you can get.

- Anne Marie


I've scheduled group call times to accommodate a variety of time zones and different work schedules. It's not essential to make every call as they are all recorded, but the more you can make, the better!


LOA Skills Camp is an 8-week program with a blend of group and one on one coaching that gives you the clarity and confidence to deliberately create and live your life on purpose. The course is lead by Ginny Gane who has over a decade of experience consciously creating and guiding hundreds of deliberate creators into their power and alignment with their authentic selves. This knowledge has been distilled down into the key modules inside of the LOA Skills Camp program that will make all the difference for you and your unfolding path.

The LOA Skills Camp community is full of uplifters. The women in this community honor the foundational connection and oneness between all human beings and the planet. One of the biggest differences in this community is that we learn how to hold space for deep growth without trying to fix each other; we lead with our vibration, and let our words and actions follow; we acknowledge the very essence of our existence is love, and come from that place in all interactions, communications and support. We are here to live our individual best lives, together, and simply being surrounded by other consciously expanding women, organically raises the vibe within you.

The LOA Skills Camp content is delivered through video lessons within your private membership platform, available anywhere with an internet connection and available for download offline. After registering, you will receive an email with your login information where you will immediately have access to the introductory CORE module, and then next 5 modules will be released over an 8-week period.

The intention for LOA Skills Camp is to guide a way of living your life that allows you to be in alignment as often as possible, which will be different for every student. If you are simply absorbing the content and participating in the coaching, you can expect to set aside anywhere from 2-3 hours a week. As part of the practical application you will be invited to create a sacred daily practice time for yourself ranging anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on what you are inspired to.

Both our online community and all of the course content is hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks through our own personal Network called the Live Your Truth Tribe. Once you join the main community, you will also have access to all the members enrolled in LOA Skills Camp. The Mighty Networks platform is accessible on both desktop and App versions (think Facebook, but better).

In addition to the weekly one on one calls and 8 LIVE coaching opportunities with Ginny, you also receive daily support from our Skills Camp Leaders. In addition, you’ll be supported through our amazing online community of Skills Camper’s because we full heartedly believe in upliftment of the whole. As you go through the LOA Skills Camp material, questions will pop up, and we’ve put all the tools, resources and people in place to help you get the clarity you need for applying everything you are learning.

If you are unhappy with LOA SKILLS CAMP during the first 2 weeks, I want to give you your money back. I believe in our Skills Camp and the fulfilment of its purpose depends on your satisfaction. Simply send an email to coach at ginnygane.com within your first two weeks and your full investment will be refunded. 

You will have access to the entire LOA Skills Camp program content, any written resources, online community, recorded coaching calls and Q&A library for a LIFETIME.

Have more questions? No problem, you can contact me at coach at ginnygane.com and I’ll be happy to answer anything I may have missed.

I’m still not sure if this is right for me…

Sometimes it helps to hear more about the experiences other people have had through LOA Skills Camp–if this is you, no problem, you can hear from a number of different women by following the link below.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like LOA Skills Camp over the next 14 days, then I will gladly refund your money. No questions asked!

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure out manifesting on your own…


Have a proven method for getting what you want so you can finally manifest your big dreams.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now...

You’re ready to know your power as a manifestor.

You’re ready to stop doubting yourself.

You’re ready to start owning what you Really want.

You’re ready for a way to manifest the big stuff.

You’re ready to live a wildly fullfilling life.

You’re ready for LOA Skills Camp.

All of that's possible inside

Join today, doors are closing soon!


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