master Your daily alignment

Do you feel a bit like a Law of Attraction junkie, read all the books, listened to all the steps,

maybe even taken a few courses, but still find yourself asking…okay but what do I DO???

I used to catch myself thinking this same thing!...(and I’m pretty good at this stuff).

What I decided I needed was an action plan – a structure to follow everyday

so that I knew I was doing enough to “make the Law of Attraction work” for me.

And if you know anything about LOA, you already know that it is always “working” for you,

so the real key is learning how to leverage you own power through alignment. 

That is what my Daily LOA Action Plan helps you do.

get aligned!

30 Day Alignment plan

This free plan gives you the exact actions steps to take every day to guide you towards your own alignment, and I’ve even included a bonus personal log to keep track of your progress.

With only 15min a day of deliberate focus, you can completely shift your vibe!

✨ Your personal information is safe with us! We will never sell, rent, or share any of your information.

"I loved this! I felt a huge shift adding scripting into my routine and had a great week financially!"


"I really liked the new way to use affirmations–with speaking them plus scripting REALLY made me feel abundant!"


"Scripting has been great at helping me get clear about what I want, and I just feel more positive about life."


"I got $500 in Amex gift cards, and my tax return check for over $2K arrived! I felt more confidence and a sense of calm (which is a big deal because I tend to worry about everything."


In this Free LOA Action Plan from Law of Attraction expert Ginny Gane, you'll discover:

  • How to activate your attraction muscles to draw in more of what you want through engaging 4 powerful processes that transform your dominant vibration.

  • The meaning behind "words don't teach, only experience teaches" – your experience is your energy!

  • Powerful actions that clearly direct the universe so it can hand-deliver what you desire straight to your front door…and you’re actually open to accept it!

  • Included as a Bonus: Monthly Tracking Worksheet

Snag this free action plan and get into alignment today!

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