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Consciously Awaken to Your Vibrational Power

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It's time to move beyond limitations

We live in a vibrational universe where everything is energy and you have within you the absolute power to focus yourself into alignment with any life experience you desire. 

There are NO exceptions to this truth. 

BUT…there is a path.

There are active vibrations within you now that appear to be limiting you–those limitations are not your truth. 

Your truth is eternal. Your truth is unlimited. Your truth is unique.

And Your Truth is available to you in every moment–when you know how to walk the path.

Living Your Truth...

If you are feeling your inner self coming alive with this, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that because I’ve not only walked the path, but I’ve guided hundreds of women through this journey and witnessed their vibration and life shift into more than they had imagined. 

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the:

If you're ready to step into the woman and life that has been calling you,

you're in the right place.

The Live Your Truth Tribe is the space women come to consciously awaken their inner power and joyously create lives of wild freedom and love–this is the coaching and community where you make your dream life, your real life. And have lots of fun along the way!

Inside the Truth Tribe, you have two different programs options...

Each program runs for 9 months (Feb 1, 2022 – Oct 31, 2022)

Align Your Life
Option 1

Focused on deliberately training thoughts, emotions and inner vibration in order to manifest your dream life experience.

Awaken your truth
Option 2

Focused on moving beyond mental thoughts and releasing emotional pain in order to experience an inner state of peacefulness.

If you're ready to go from a mediocre life to living in alignment with all your dreams...

Align Your Life is for you!

Master your skills of deliberate creation and manifest a life of outrageous abundance, deeply connected relationships and radiant health.

What does it mean to Align Your Life?

Aligning your life is about feeling your power as a creator in this world–it is powerful, purposeful and deliberate. You train you focus with the intention of guiding your vibration to a place that matches the conditions of life that you are called to – and oh boy are you called!

Your desires are for you–you want what you want for a reason–and in Align Your Life, we use this information to guide your transformation of becoming. Becoming the woman who is a vibrational match to everything she wants in relationships, career and physical health. 

There are vibrational patterns active in you that you’ve adopted without knowing, and throughout Align Your Life, you learn how to identify the resistance as it arises and deliberately release it, which allows you to align with the natural state of flow and alignment available to you.

Throughout the 9 months and with the consistency of focus, your worry decreases and your trust increases; your stress fades and your excitement awakens. There will be waves of contrast and growth and you will learn how to move through them with ease, trust and flow, so that eventually this is your natural way of being–living in alignment with the natural flow of life and experiencing the abundance that is available in every area of our life experience. 

We will spend 1-2 months on each major area of our life experience to ultimately create a fully aligned life – module titles will include:







Join us as we come together, and guide you to own your deliberate power and Align Your Life.

If you're ready to move beyond your ego mind to live in a state of joy, peace and love...

We created Awaken Your Truth for you!

Walk the path of presence and uncover the peace that passes all understanding. 

In this 9 month program, you’ll learn…

Be joyful. Be inspired. Be loving. Be peaceful.

What does it mean to Awaken Your Truth?

The truth of who we are is in our connection to All That Is, to Source, to love. When we consciously open to this truth, we experience an aliveness for life, a perfect unfolding, and an everlasting joy of being. 

As we release the conditioned stories and move beyond identification with the mind, we open to an experience greater than words can describe. The peace beyond all understanding. We become unconditional and unlimited.

This is possible for you. The Awaken Your Truth program is about guiding you through this powerful transformation, so that you regain freedom from worries about the past and concerns about the future.

Awaken Your Truth is about opening to the beautiful journey of your soul’s desires, connected to the peace that passes all understanding, and aligning with the energy that creates worlds to experience a life full of clarity, vibrancy, joy, and love. 

We will be using Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now as a foundation for our program and module titles will include:










Join us as we come together, hold the space and guide you to own your conscious power and Awaken Your Truth.

To hear more about the experience of each program
we recorded a video for you...

Both programs include:

LIVE Coaching

Our coaching is one of the most powerful ways to support your application of the work. All calls are held via ZOOM, recorded and you are welcome to join us for as many or as little as you wish.

Monthly Modules

Each module has a specific and clear focus, which is delivered through audio and video lessons and build in momentum as we move through the 9 months.


Where the real magic happens! You'll have an app that gives you 24/7 access to our private community, where you can engage as you please for upliftment and support anytime.


With each modules lesson, there is a practical component that guides your focus and awareness and ultimately creates your inner shifts. These include simple exercises to be completed on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A Word From Ginny

Founder of Live Your Truth

Hi. I’m Ginny Gane and the inspiration for the Truth Tribe emerged out of the vision for a more conscious whole–a humanity connected to truth and guided by love.

I know the only thing we can truly change in this world in our own inner state and that as we prioritize and take responsibility of what is going on inside, we naturally create an individual reality and ultimately a world that reflects the harmony, consciousness and alignment we experience inside. 

By being a part of the Truth Tribe, you are not only fulfilling the highest vision for your own life, you are a part of something so much bigger–and you get the opportunity to share it with other women who are all walking this path. 

How does it get any better than this?

Let’s find out together! 


Join Us in the Truth Tribe today!

Align Your life


(Or $122/ month)

This is the only opportunity for 2022!

Awaken your Truth


(Or $244/ month)

This is the only opportunity for 2022!

What is it like as a member of the Truth Tribe?


"This group feeds my soul"

Being part of Truth Tribe has been such a bright light of grounding energy in my life! What can I say, the group truly feeds my soul. The vision Ginny created to bring amazing like-minded women together to grow and navigate life in an aligned way, via LOA and deep inner being awareness, is such gift.

Throughout my journey in the group, I’ve gained clarity, felt inspired, opened up inside, broke down old stories, felt supported, and felt celebrated by the group. I also felt all those emotions for the group in return; it’s truly a safe space to learn and grow and find true self alignment! 

Ginny’s practice modules, real-time coaching, fun challenges and overall bright energy just make it a unique experience! Not to mention, I can also honestly say, that I’ve made life-long new wonderful friendships, which is just so special!  The Truth Tribe is truly an amazing community!

Illinois, US


"I'm back to being me"

Being a part of Live your Truth and the Truth Tribe, under Ginny’s loving, inspired guidance, has rooted me back at the powerful helm of my mind and my life. In the past year, I have rewired my brain, deliberately selecting the filters through which I want to view and experience my life. I’ve changed the entire narrative of myself and my life.

The power of the Tribe community cannot be overstated. This work, especially in the beginning, takes diligent focus and intention. Drawing on the collective energy of these women has been an essential key to my success.

The steady engagement with the group and the monthly modules has allowed me deepen my understanding and apply the skills I’ve learned in real and practical everyday ways, then sit back and watch the magic unfold over and over.

It is, hands down, one of the very best investments I’ve ever made. 

Maine, US

Have more questions?

Live Your Truth content is delivered through audio and video lessons within your private membership community, available anywhere with an internet connection and available for download offline. On Feb 1st, you will receive an email with your login information where you will immediately have access to the month by month lessons, assignments and community. 

The intention for Live Your Truth programs are to guide a way of living your life that allows you to be in alignment as often as possible, which will be different for every member. If you are simply absorbing the content and participating in the calls, you can expect to set aside anywhere from 1-3 hours a week (you are not required to attend every call). As part of the practical application you will be invited to create a sacred daily practice time for yourself ranging anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on what you are inspired to.

Our online community and all module content is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform in a private Live Your Truth Tribe network. There is both desktop and mobile app options (think Facebook, but better!)

You will have access to all of the program content and recorded coaching calls for 2022–all of which is available for your download and lifetime access. 

Have more questions? No problem, you can contact me at coach at ginnygane dot com and I’ll be happy to answer anything we may have missed.

Join Us in the Truth Tribe today!

Align Your life


(Or $122/ month)

This is the only opportunity for 2022!

Awaken your Truth


(Or $244/ month)

This is the only opportunity for 2022!

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