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The space women come to consciously awaken their inner power and joyously create lives of wild freedom and love–this is the coaching and community where you make your dream life, your real life.

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Ontario, CA

Learn 7 simple and effective principles you can apply to BOOST your LOA manifestation techniques RIGHT NOW.

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A Word From Ginny

Founder of Live Your Truth

Hi. I’m Ginny Gane and I created my Law of Attraction Skills Camp to help manifestors just like you with a program to guide them through proven, specific steps to not only complete the journey of self-alignment and transformation – but just as important – help them understand it. My philosophy on Manifesting is simple: It’s not about what you know in your head, it’s about how you apply what you know in your life and how you actually live your life.



3 Steps to Shift Out of a Negative Feeling.

Quick, easy-to-apply tips to help you stay focused and manage negative feelings.

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